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Thread: Town question

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    Town question

    I've just unlocked the town, there's someone in my cinema waiting for popcorn. My question is how long do the customers stay in the building for before leaving as I can't see a timer. When you help them a timer appears but not when they are waiting. Do they just wait there until they get the popcorn or the next train comes?

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    They wait until they get served or sent away by the player. They donít leave automatically.

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    If you don't want to serve a town visitor you can send them away to wait for the next train. Do this by tapping on them & where you can see the item they are asking for there is a little toggle button that shows you the next page if you tap on it. Here you will get an image of the train which you can swipe onto the visitors box to send them away.

    Hope that makes sense...& helps.

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