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Thread: Re-sign Facebook Account

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    Re-sign Facebook Account

    Can anyone help me, how can I delete my facebook account connected to my old Hayday acct. My facebook account is already lost, I want to connect it to the new one, but how?
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    How to save the game with Facebook

    In order to back up your progress in Hay Day, you can use your Facebook accounts. Please note: Facebook only support one farm per account and will be permanently attached to the farm they are assigned to.

    Because of this, we urge you to play with only one farm per device; do not log onto someone else’s device to open your Hay Day farm, and do not let others use your device to log into theirs. In these cases, in fact, you might lose your farm.

    To connect your farm to Facebook, open the Facebook app and make sure you are logged in with your own account. After this, open Hay Day and enter the in-game setting. Press the Facebook sign in button to connect your farm. Please note: that your farm will permanently attach itself to the first Facebook account you choose. So you have to be sure that you are logged in to your correct account.

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    This is from the official support page. Seems like you can't change it unfortunately. Have you tried to contact support in-game?

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