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Thread: Looking for championship neighborhood

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    Looking for championship neighborhood

    Hi I'm on level 66.ima competitive player who takes 9*320/9*400 and 10th task only when needed.I was on a break now planning to play.I'm looking for a CHAMPIONSHIP N/H with more than 20 members and decent trophies!! Strictly no small hood invite pls!! Sorry I don't fit in with that!! Looking for good, competitive,active,friendly and fair neighbourhood.also i will be competitive,good,active,friendly and fair as well!!
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    We are a competitive Championship League farm. Very derby driven with a great group of very helpful players!! We love to do 2 things; HELP and WIN!
    We are an English Speaking room with a min of 45 level.
    Tag: #Y9URPROY
    We are: Active, Helpful, Competitive, Derby driven, Friendly, Chatty.
    our rules: MUST finish all tasks - Can opt out (no more than 2 weeks in a row)
    Min tasks 320 for reg derby, 400 for Mystery derby.
    Take extra task when needed.
    We look forward to meeting you.
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