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    sc seems very game and player focused after trying dif game.

    been playing for years. yeh, sometimes a grind. people will sometimes complain about f2p v. p2w. greedy game companies etc etc but after trying recently a new game which is aesthetically gorgeous and quite fun, already ready to chuck it in. constant predatory popups urging to buy, buy, buy. constant game crashes. seemingly utter disregard for majority of customers. makes me appreciate clash that much more . that the endgame is totally reachable fairly easily completely freely and that supercell does care and take notice of the playerbase and wants to ensure games' integrity and longevity.

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    That's the trust players have on supercell and the position in players' hearts that supercell has achieved. Appreciable effort by the whole team. 👍👍👍
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    I agree with you. I've played other games, some even competitively at a high level, and I found the more competitive I became in those games, the more the flaws I found. I even had a too-long period in my past where I played a game that just made you hate yourself for falling for their tricks over-and-over. Players would regularly commiserate over their "addictions" and congratulate one another for "winning the game" by quitting. It was awful and I was glad to be able to drop it when I started playing Clash of Clans. I've never played a game as long as I've played Clash and I've never experienced a game company that works so hard to keep things balanced. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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    Ditto ditto's good to make sure that the developers know how much we love the game! I'm sure all they hear is complaint after complaint. But there's a reason people means they are playing the game and don't want to stop playing.

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    This march I will complete 6 years of playing this game.

    I did took breaks of few months in between during the exams... but haven't stopped playing the game completely.

    I also play Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, and Boom Beach, but have had longer breaks in these games..
    Its difficult to manage all games and give equal time to all..

    Coc, I have been loving it since day 1... and generally tend to give more time to Coc than other games.
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    I'll agree with about this particular game, Clash of Clans. It's a very good game without being overly in your face about having to buy the Gold Pass or other items in game. In Clash of Clans, the only thing the Gold Pass and Gems get you is faster progress. There are no pay walls and no content to which you can't use in an unlimited manner, you just may have longer wait times for things to get done. It's just how much you want to grind. And I've rewarded them a few times by buying a few Gold Passes and other packages along the way. Skins don't count in this regard as they provide no additional game play, just a different costume.

    I can say for certain though that this is not the case with all games developed by Supercell. There is content in other games that is limited unless you spend money at regular intervals, with no way to make it up through grinding it out.

    So, let's give credit where it is due. The Clash of Clans team has done exceedingly well at keeping content unlockable without having it be a pinball machine that needs more quarters to continue play.
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    I'm f2p with 2 accounts that had been max TH12s in December and am still enjoying myself. It is funny, I don't actually have any issues paying for games but the way this game is structured kind of make it either something you spend a decent amount on or nothing on. It took so long for me to get the 5th builder that the mental discipline of waiting was pretty instilled in me for this game by the time I got it. If I had 5 builders and the gold-pass from the get-go when I started around Thanksgiving 2014, I probably would have been paying $5-10 a month for the entire time. You cannot even do season challenges though until TH7 which takes a few weeks even when rushing and you'll have 3 builders when you get there (I just started a 3rd account in late January because I wanted to test a few things) making the gold pass not that worth it.

    Overall it is a great game and I obviously still enjoy it and am glad I can pay for free. I do wish they hadn't killed the game for casuals in my clan when they removed the TH snipe (casual players not casual gamers, there is a major difference) but their updates since than have largely been hitting much more consistently and they are really in a grove right now.

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    I’m now entering my seventh year of playing Clash and if anything I’m more addicted than ever! Lol. In all honesty I have to say Supercell have done a great job of keeping the game interesting and challenging, like no (mobile) game has ever done before. Sure it’s not perfect, but what in life is? (Ok Belgian beer, but what else!?!).

    as long as the SC servers keep running, I’ll be here, chasing those maxed heroes and walls

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    I've been playing clash for maybe 6 years and it's pretty much the only mobile game I play. I've played others and just get bored of them, or play a game like mobile strike and am bombarded offers and find out that the only way to progress at a high level is to buy or wait 25 years for an upgrade (literally).

    It's a relaxing game and I don't need to spend money on it, I do kind of miss global though cause people would freak out when they'd see our win streak. I often just spend time chatting with clan mates whom I've warred with for years.

    Even getting to the top was never a pay to win kind of thing, it was strategy of base building, figuring out how to gain the biggest advantage possible and adapting to change.

    You can pay to progress but that doesn't mean you will win.
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