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Thread: Issues with game play.....

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    Issues with game play.....

    I just lost 18 diamonds to revive 1 dumb cherry tree! Because it takes 2 clicks to get rid of the name boxes that revive trees....and when you have multiple trees in a row and the name boxes are near the diamond tab, hayday steals your diamonds! Knowing how long it takes to accumulate diamond throughout the game, common sense would tell you that I would NEVER just revive one tree for 18 diamonds! Give them back now! I have been loyal playing multiple times/day for years, THIEVES!
    This is ridiculous 😡!!
    Im also sick of the farm visitors asking for mining supplies! Every other farm visitor is constantly asking and while constantly saying NO, I lost 14 tnt barrels misclicking!
    And although there just happens to be a fishing event today....THERE ARE RARELY EVER FISHING EVENTS TO CATCH RARE FISH! you came up with a "spin the wheel" event which is ridiculous because we do that everyday anyway, but NEVER give us enough fishing events.
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    Got to be honest yes this has happend to me to but i dont blame sc at all for my mistake i just learned my lesson and clicked slower when reviving my trees, as for acumaliting grms taking to long i disagree i got some in a vslley box snd on a friends farm also from gregg during the lunar event and when the valley ends tomorrow i will get another 40 gems so hayday isnt stingy at all and lastly visitors to your farm will always ask more often then not for things you have high stocks of so as a long term player inam surprised you didnt know this so the eolution is create a mini farm and store your mining supplies over there instead and finally slow down your clicking style as both your frustrations have been caused by yourself
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    I think we all make mistakes from time to time and lose diamonds. I'm sorry this has happened to you and hope your rant has calmed you down. I can't imagine that your diamonds will be refunded as that would start a precedent and we'd all be having a good old shout out!

    I ignore farm visitors entirely and just leave them hanging around asking for whatever they want. I view them as extra farm decorations which move! The only time I do use them is when they want to buy the decorations I have stored and aren't using.

    Hope you're feeling less frustrated.

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    Ouch. That is also where i accidentally lose the most diamonds - the help boxes.

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    Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Most of us, i believe.
    Used to be even worse before the two-tap diamond confirmation, remember?
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    We have all been in this position and while frustrating, it is not SCs fault. You can learn from it and move on, separate your trees, bushes and plants some so that this is less likely to happen, or you can slow down a bit. I personally did a combination of the three. I also have accidentally cut down trees (or chopped them down) because I was not paying attention and hit that ax or saw after setting up the help. Yes I was mad but at myself. Personally, I don’t understand why the ax or the saw even appear unless it is time for the plant to be removed, but that is just me.

    Again, I am sorry this has happened to you and welcome to the “oops, I just screwed up” club. And yes, the visitors can be annoying and yes, I too, have accidentally sold things I did not want to sell them because, again, I was not paying enough attention. That was on me entirely and I am 5e one who paid for my mistake.
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    I did the same thing with a cherry tree a couple of weeks ago. It happens from time to time but once it's done, I just forget about it and move on. As mentioned above, diamond loss was very common before diamond confirmation was added. Diamonds would evaporate quickly just by doing normal activities like collecting eggs and feeding chickens or planting crops. I've been playing for six plus years, and the diamonds earned in game are far more generous than they used to be (I was so shocked the first time I found 25 diamonds in a large box I spilled my coffee). I've also lost things to the farm visitors. About three years ago, one walked off with most of my axes. After that experience, I waited for a couple asking for things I didn't care about and they've been milling about every since.

    I'm sorry this happened to you and I certainly empathize because I've done the same thing multiple times, but SC shouldn't be held responsible every time someone misclicks.
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    Wow, I get annoyed when I misclick but now I make sure that all my trees are away from anything that can cause a problem. No ones fault except mine. I almost never get visitors asking for mining supplies, actually I can't even remember the last time.

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    At Christmas I left the game to get some water from the kitchen, and 1 min later I returned to find 105 diamonds missing. I wrote to SC to ask what had happened, or to please explain what was purchased, & I was ignored indefinitely despite several tries. I'm still upset by this. It took me 6 months to earn those diamonds.

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