How about a feature that when you have saved enough stuff to - say - build a cow shed, the cow shed becomes a menu item for a building project for Maggie.

This might mean that Maggie might have to go to town occasionally to stay at the B&B or visit the diner if its near lunchtime or supper time according to the device clock (other buildings at other times, possibly even go to the beach to swim with sharks).

Obviously she would only go to town when not at her table at the farm but might accept work when there.

Also multiple silos / barns ... if your silo is over 2500 (each) and you want to expand you need a new silo ... can cost 100k for the second (plus nails, screws, panels), 200k for third, 400k for 4th, etc. When you get to that size your already on the top 1000 list for rich farmers in the harvesters magazine.