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    Something wrong with paper

    I have been advertising penny wheat and nobody is buying. There is no wheat for sale in paper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hummel View Post
    I have been advertising penny wheat and nobody is buying. There is no wheat for sale in paper.
    I just opened up my DD and see immediately 2 ads of wheat..


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    It's my understanding that we all see different DD somewhat customized for our farm levels.

    That aside, sometimes you need to advertise something at relatively normal pricing and buyers will snap up bulk stuff when they notice it's in the shop.
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    i often buy all the wheat i can find in the paper, at whatever the price. often there is not enough for my needs - feed for sanctuary animals. sometimes there is lots. DD changes all the time.

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    Well i buy wheat every day from the paper but one thing you should consider and i am surprised nick didnt point it out to you yesterday we had a crop event so theres lots more farmers selling crops right now meaning things are slower to sell and appear in the paper
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