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Thread: 320+ hood looking for members

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    320+ hood looking for members

    At the pumpkin patch the only pressure is to do all 9 tasks at 320 plus. You will never be pressured there. The game is meant to be fun and not feel like a chore. We do enjoy placing top 3.
    Blossom derby you can choose to do regular tasks or blossom tasks. We do trash blossoms that take longer than 4 hours to do. We want quick and easy ones. For the mystery derby you can do regular tasks or mystery tasks.
    We are kind and helpful and everyone is active.
    We will also plan to be a medium sized hood. This helps make the game more fun and we will not be frustrated waiting for a task.
    No task holding please. We also ask for crop donations if no other donations are needed. This helps other farmers earn xp points and work towards earning their generous neighbor achievement.
    Come check us out. The Pumpkin Patch logo is purple chicken with blue circle.

    Take care

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    Still looking for members.

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    Invite is still available!

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