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Thread: Level 250 - What now?

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    Level 250 - What now?

    Today I gained my Level 250 Arcade trophy, thank you Supercell - and next week I celebrate my 6 years playing Hayday anniversary - so what now? My desire to play this game has always been that there is yet another challenge to complete. So for me until some new achievements are released I suppose my motivation will come from the continuation of 2 ever so difficult pursuits.

    1. Obtaining all the Expansion scrolls required to open up all the locked land - at my current scroll collection rate this is scheduled for sometime around Christmas this year.

    2. Maximising the barn at 15,000 - which due to the 80 items a day rule will complete sometime Summer 2021.

    By then my level should be somewhere around 270 so Supercell please continue to keep me motivated as I would love to one day pick up the level 300 trophy. Please keep Challenges for the higher level players in mind.

    Farm 253 - Town 86
    Barn 14,000 - Silo 12,900
    203 Scrolls to go!
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    I've already posted twice a post to ask more achievements for high levels ... but with less than one answer to push it, i don't think sc would just think about it ...
    but that should really keep some of the high level in the game ... that should be enough for some of them ...

    i made my own goal ... being busy to one, When i'll have finish this one, the goal of the money should follow, with in the same time the barn and silo expandation ...

    for now on, that's the fun of playing that is keeping me in the game AND the fact that i imagine my own achievements or goal ... but you're 100 higher than me, so maybe it's more difficult to have new ...
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    Congratulations for reaching 250!

    I have no suggestions on goals other than the ones you already mentioned (and that lvl 500 statue )
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    Well you could just take my approach to the game i have zero goals i just enjoy playing hayday each day
    Not a spammer nor a toxic person just a forum friendly guy who likes to chat about all things clash of clans and hayday

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    Congrats on your achievement. I agree that goals are helpful. I am behind you, but now only play a few minute a day - sign in, check valley, harvest crops, put down nets/traps, collect nets/traps, sign out. A couple days of the week add derby task, sign out. repeat 12 hours later. Depending on derby task, i may sign in during day to finish.

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    SuperCell really should introduce some new achievements for high level players like you. For both of you!
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    Congrats. Loving the 250 deco....looks good. I am still trying to complete my last 3 achievements, but I too am driven by a goal so I certainly can see your dilemma. Again, congratulations.

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    First of all, congrats Sooty on your awesome achievement. I posted an idea to answer your question and challenge high level players like you.

    Storming beaches to lower the BOOM on NPCs and fellow Boomers,

    Lynn D. Hammer
    Februay 10, 2020
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    My end goal is to have 90.000 total barn space (6x15.000).
    Currently at 17.000 barn total, so, it will take a little bit longer to get there.
    Once there, will see what's my next goal.
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    I have always made challenges for myself. For me it is either find a reason to play or don’t play.

    i like to do “livestock art”. I have done so with all of the farm animals, including retiring my goats standing at all 4 corners of each pen.

    my chickens are semi retired due to mystery derbies, but I keep them in even “6 packs”

    while trying to get the chickens back in formation, I found out that I could get all six chickens in the same spot.


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