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Thread: Th 13 looking for a clan

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    If you’re interested in a clan that does back to back war consider joining The Bailey III We are always looking for more players who know how to handle themselves in war!

    Some basic info about us:
    - Recently reached level 9 and Crystal League 1 in CWL
    - Always max clan games
    - Takes war seriously(If you choose to opt in we expect you to use both hits according to targets assigned)
    - High win ratio
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    XFluffyUnicorn / #9920YG9J / Master 3 and LVL 18 / adult war/social clan

    Hi all

    We've been around for years and have a network of clans. Friendly mainly adult run crew. We have a good core of members and are looking for a few strong additions. We war often max Clan Games and have been slowly moving up on CWL (currently master 3) and are lvl 18 clan. Please write "UDW sent me" when req to join. Thanks!

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    Check out redzz warzz

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    We are recruiting for TH13 players for our main clan.

    What we offer:

    • Back to back 40v war
    • 3 clans for cwl, 15v champ3 and the other 30v
    • 1 hero down is ok for classic war
    • Good war record
    • Max donation
    • Max cg tiers
    • Friendly atmosphere of learning and teaching


    Clan Name: Rune Force

    Clan Tag: #8C0GCR9Q

    Clan Level: 19

    Clan War Win: 509

    Clan Game Highest: 140,190!

    Clan War League: Champion League 3


    Apply to the clan in-game (tag #8C0GCR9Q ) and put ďIíll war and do cg Ē in join request OR join our chat group on discord. (Links below)


    Clash of Clan:

    Rune Force: [

    Clash Royale:

    Rune Force: [


    Rune Force: [

    Rune Force:

    Apply to the clan in-game (tag #8C0GCR9Q ) and put ďIíll war and do cg Ē in join request OR join our chat group on discord.

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    Hey mate,

    FuriousPhoenix is an Aussie based war clan with Americans and UK members. We are a B2B war clan that maxed cg and competes in CWL. We offer max donations at time but would love to have a few more th 12/13s to help out. We are competitive in normal wars and active in chat. We are level 9 and fast approaching level 10.

    Hope to see you soon, Allfather Odin.


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    If you're still looking, consider Beer Pandas
    - lv 16 war clan
    - 300+ wins/70%
    - 6 wins, 2nd in Feb CWL Masters II
    - 140K in last Clan Games.

    We're serious about war, but understand that people have real lives, families, jobs. Opt in/ questions - just make your attacks, if you're in.

    Not always a lot of in-game chatter, but fast donations and FCs - members in US, EMEA and NZ.

    Discord server for war strategy, communication, requests, information-sharing, attack videos, base inventory, base links, clash of stats bot, sidekick bot.

    If you decide to join us, reference "Wayneman Discord coc" in your invite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DioKilmister View Post
    I'm looking for a decent war clan
    67 BK 70 AQ 50 GW 20 RC
    If u want then checkout our clan here is the tag#8YYPYPUC

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    The Reprobates were formed in 2015 and are currently looking to replace some long time members who are no longer playing. We are a relaxed group who love the game but canít commit to a hard core environment due to work, school, family....just life in general. We will also consider a merger with a smaller clan.

    What we are really looking for is TH 11 and 12 for league wars. We are accepting all TH levels as long as itís not a rushed base. With the new war leagues we would like more TH 11and above so we can compete at a higher level. We can also bring newer players along as we have a lot of experienced clashers.

    We have very few rules other than donít be an idiot and contribute some fun chat when you are on. As a bonus, we have earned max rewards in every clan games.

    If we are something you are interested in please request in game and mention the forums and AZGUY. We are an adult, English speaking clan. Please mention age and location in request. #9V8RUGQV.
    If you have purchased a base please do not request unless you have 6 months at current base level.
    Thank you

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    Hello! we might be what you are looking for! we are a level 19, adults only, english speaking war clan, and a level 10 feeder clan. and we are EST based! check out our website here to read the clan rules and see if you meet the requirements - ...... And if you do you may apply to join our clan via the discord app here - ........ Look forward to hearing from you!
    Leader: BurntCreativity - Level 19 War Clan
    BurntInitiative - Level 10 Feeder Clan
    🔥Charred to Greatness🔥

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    Yes a copy n paste approach .... if keen check us out if not GL!

    Aussie Wootwoot (AWW) | Th10+| LvL 18 | FP Adult War Clan

    A friendly, mature, Aussie, War Clan. 472 wins 145 losses

    A friendly, mature, Aussie, War Clan. We are a B2B adult war clan with a casual/competitive environment. Once a league clan participant, we now run B2B war spins. Looking for like-minded FP active members that understand the current meta in a casual yet competitive environment. Requirements: No Engineered or Rushed Accounts Th11 45/45/15+ (an even balance between offense and defence) Th12 60/60/40 (an even balance between offense and defence) Th13 65/65/45+ (an even balance between offense and defence) Looking for: War Warriors for b2b Wars. English Speaking 3-star specialists or have a burning desire to become 3-star specialists. SC CWL War/Clan games participants Must use both attacks in war Benefits: Mature Environment no drama Maxed Clan GamesSCCWL (Guaranteed spot regardless of TH Level) Active Good Donations An active and organised discord server.

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