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Thread: Lack of support in API response data

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    Angry Lack of support in API response data

    Good evening. Again, I check all the API and Clash Of Clan and None returns the most important data of the game I would believe, The Attacks of every clan member. It's the most important data in the whole game for clan leaders who want to keep their war stats. Does anyone know how to get it? Is it in beta version and it still doesn't work? Please help! Thank you

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    By clan member attacks, do you mean during wars? It is possible to retrieve this information from /clans/{clanTag}/currentwar for classic wars and /clanwarleagues/wars/{warTag} for CWL rounds. You will need to store data from those endpoints for each war in order to collate stats for your clan, however this should enable you to retrieve the data you are looking for.
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