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Thread: Two More Horses?

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    Two More Horses?

    Do you think we will ever see two more horses to fill out the stables. It doesn’t matter to me what type of horses, could be more of what’s out there already. I know somebody’s going to be disappointed in the long run, because every time it is mentioned people come up with their favorite types. To me it doesn’t matter, just want to fill out my stables.

    sincerely, dogdog.
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    Yes i hope so too.

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    I agree. I bought the last stable just to have it, but for only one horse? This makes no sense and since it has been this way for ages it doesn't look like they ever had a plan to add two more horse.

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    We’ve been asking for 2 more horses for absolutely ages - in fact since the last horses were introduced and when we had to remind supercell that we then had 10 horses and only 3 stables - hence a 4th stable was quickly added.
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