A small but effective tweak... whenever the game gives boosters as a reward, like in the Derby, Mystery Boxes, the Valley, etc., can it give “booster credits” instead?

For example, if the game would give you a 2 star booster, it would give 2 booster credits instead, 1 credit per star. You could collect the booster credits, and then exchange them for boosters you actually want.

For instance, I always delete the tree and bush boosters. I have enough plants to sustain my farm. It would be nice if instead I got credits I could turn in later, and buy a booster I actually want, like an XP booster. Instead of receiving 2, 2 star boosters, and 1, 1 star booster (5 credits), with this system, you would collect the credits, and exchange them all for a good 5 star booster.

Just a quirky little idea that I think many farmers could benefit from.