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Thread: Best day to face each clan?

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    Question Best day to face each clan?

    I was thinking, does it matter? I mean, facing 1st place in day 1 or on day 7 will give you the same result, right? Well, not exactly. Here’s why I think so.

    In all or almost all the clans I’ve been in during cwl, we always seemed to do better when we faced the winners on day 1. My clan currently is facing 6th on day 6, then we face 1st place tomorrow on day 7. We will most likely end up in 5th place if we kick these guys’ butts. It might just be my dumb luck, my weird reasons for keeping track of things, or actual fact, but I genuinely think cwl performance is weakest on day 1.

    Have any of you noticed this, or is it just me? Is there actual fact rooted in this, or trends that show this? If so, I’d love to see them!

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    It depends how much rotation clans do, what their lineup is on each day, and if upgrading heroes have finished or not.

    Some clans that rotate folks to try to get 8 medals might put weaker account in later in the season if they think they can still win.
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    Although I've not done cwl above crystal, there seems to be a tendency for effort to drop off towards the end. The reverse might very well be the case in higher leagues.

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    For us, it seems war 5 or 6, we shoot ourselves in the foot no matter who we face. 1 stars where we normally get 2 or 3. We usually start fast. Cwl fatigue gets us I guess.
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    It's unpredictable because too much depends on the opposing clans.

    You can only control, and if necessary, motivate your own clan.

    As others have suggested, some clans manage rosters across the whole of cwl. To some extent we do this and run a motivated core we can adjust accordingly. If your own of these clans, it doesn't matter how you do in any one cwl round as long as the clan goal is reached.

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    Hmm, maybe if you guys get into the groove of hitting bases and the power levels between the clans are fairly close.

    As Munitor mentioned, effort tends to drop off at the end due to fatigue.
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    How can you tell who will be first place at the end of 7 days, before the season starts?
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    I feel it is likely beneficial to face the toughest/most competitive early, although its impossible to know which clan is what at the time of course..
    The competitive will likely stay strong all week, especially if it stays tight at the top..
    at the other end, the also rans and never rans will likely give up before the end of the week, cc;s will go unfilled, and those that were bothering will slowly stop showing up.

    I also think some thought should be put into when you actually do your spin, if you are in the middle tiers..
    The more competitive clans will likely be eager to get started, so by waiting till nearer the end of sign up, the more casual clans should take up a higher percentage of the available draw pool.
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    For us, it’s best to face the better clans at the end because the first war or two our attacks aren’t as good as later in CWL. On the other hand, it’s better the face the good clans at the beginning so they don’t have a chance to watch war replays from the clans you already faced in CWL.

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    I prefer to face the tougher clans around war 3 or 4. In my clan, we seem to be at our best through wars 2-4. 1st war we are often a bit rusty and then after/at war 5, the effort tends to drop throughout the whole group. However, if a clan tends to switch out players frequently throughout all wars, then the order in which they face their respective war opponents doesn't really matter. In Crystal 2, it seems the top 2 clans don't show much fatigue as they use over 85% of their attacks each war. Some of the bottom clans give up around war 5 so, especially if they are greatly outmatched.

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