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Thread: Best day to face each clan?

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    We usually suck in the first war or two, primarily because we don't do regular wars frequently, especially not with all our top accounts which spend the time between CWLs upgrading hard. But we usually start to hit our stride by around war #3-4 so if we can survive the first couple of wars we usually do pretty well. Although by war 7 we are also on the verge of war burnout so I'm not sure how great those last couple of attacks are.
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    For us, it doesn't matter if we face the toughest opponent first or last.

    Up till masters the strongest clan is usually the one with most number of high TH bases.
    In masters CWL,We check the TH composition of each clan just after we matched in CWL.We put our best/highest bases against the clan with most high level bases.

    It becomes competitive from champs 3 when almost all the clans are evenly matched with all TH13 roster.
    In Champs CWL we take 18 Top TH13s and rotate em.All of the 18 are capable of bringing home the 3 star.So rotating 3 people in/out don't really make much difference for us.

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