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Thread: Siege barracks affected by tornado

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    Siege barracks affected by tornado

    Cool! Having never seen a barracks deployed anywhere but the the edge, ive never seen it trigger a tornado. I was always under the assumption that once it lands, it cant move. A teammate dropped their barracks into a hole by the town hall, and as soon as it landed, the pekka jumped out and they both started spinning in circles. Its cool because i have never seen the barracks moving onthe ground before

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    Physics in clash universe don't work similar to Earth's. That's really cool to watch though 😂

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    Most people put that barracks on or near the perimeter, away from traps, so I have yet to see this in gameplay myself. So, good to know, especially since the tornado does a (very small) amount of damage, and this should apply to the siege barracks as well.

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    When you think about it, it would make sense. Wind affects people just as much as it does buildings.

    They don’t spin in circles but it’s a start to perfect logic

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