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Thread: TH9, QW, Defending E-Dragon

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    TH9, QW, Defending E-Dragon


    A defending electro-dragon kills my queen, one hit . Even if there is a poison (lv. 4) on the electro-dragon.
    I have queen lv 29, with (almost) full health.

    Should I use a freeze (instead of poison) on the electro-dragon? Other options to avoid such a one hit kill?

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    Activate your Queen ability before the last spine lights up, and it’ll have to re-target and/or reset its charge. Your Queen should be able to shred it if sufficiently leveled (29 should be enough).

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    Poison spells do not reduce the damage per hit, they only reduce the attack speed and movement speed. If it’s a queen walk, I am surprised she died in one hit since she has healers to bring her to full health. What level is the edrag? How much hp does the queen have?

    I believe edrags have a 3 second attack speed, so multiply the dps by 3 to get the damage per attack. This will help you to know what level she will survive.

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    Use rage on the group so that the healers and the Queen are powered up. This increases healing rate and DPS of Queen so that the ED is taken down faster.

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