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Thread: no Hero army needed

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    no Hero army needed

    i am a new TH11 and i want to focus on upgrading my heroes, so i need an army that can do well without any heroes, i know barch is good for farming, but i find it extremely boring. I am currently in masters 3, and primarily focusing on queen and king, warden is only level 2, so shouldn't really be taken into account.

    Please tell me if you have some good advice/army composition


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    Any strong elixir army will work for getting all the dark you need.

    1) Mass miners with a few hogs(2-4 and Wiz/archers (32 troops space worth)

    Check cc with hogs, lure the enemy cc troops and finish them with your troops. Then deploy miners, heal them whenever needed. Rage when they are in core.

    2) Mass dragon/electro dragon/ dragLoon/EdragLoon

    Create funnel with 2 edrags/drags on each side. Unleash the rest of the army when funnel seems okay. Rage them all. Take 8-10 loons and remaining drag/Edrag.

    3) GiWiPe

    Build proper funnel with Wiz (10-12)and wallbreakers (5-6) while the defenses target Giants (10). Once funnel is created, deploy Pekkas (4-5)

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    Mass Miners are great once you max them for your TH. I do recommend you "taking your lumps" with under-leveled Miners while you upgrade them (and Heal spell, and maybe healers too) in the lab to max for your TH if you are not familiar with how they tunnel. it will also teach you the patience on the heal spells plus get you acquainted with their worst enemies the Skelly traps. it sounds ridiculous but its how it is due to their AI. again you will get used to it for the most part with practice.

    as mentioned Dragons and Loonion (with fewer Minions to choice to conserve Dark usage) Baby-Loon spam and ground like PEKKA Wiz, or Giant Wizard mixes. its really up to you to decide which troops you like (and or use) best to determine your army choices. Miners get a fair bit more destruction than that of say Barch (i know different tools for different jobs..) Miners more reliably get that destruction total if you care about trophies.

    but from my experience Miners when you need Dark (and Hogs for me personally) or Bowlers/Witches work too when you need Elixir upgrades. and Loonion is a great balanced approach to get a bit of both.

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