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Thread: Opinion Please. I know everyone loves to offer - CC Troops

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    Opinion Please. I know everyone loves to offer - CC Troops

    Iím having an internal struggle ; I see some battles where valkyries are in the cc and they crush the core with a rage / heal combination. I do this and I get crushed for some reason. When I take a pekka/giant combo along with rage - the core goes down without too much loss. Whatís your go to troop in the CC and why?

    What say you barbarians?

    all the input is appreciated 🙏
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    I stopped using Valkyries in my CC after TH12 was introduced. Too weak and most bases had gaps around the TH meaning my Valkryries were not as efficient.

    Now I use:
    -Pekka + IG if I want to take down a Town Hall
    -Double IG + Bdragon if I am supporting an AQ charge
    -Double Yeti if I am using a Blimp to take down key defences
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    Lava hound to help with qw lalo and skele spell to take down or bother the enemy queen when she is embedded deeply in the core or when the queen walk cant get that far
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    Three Ice Golems. Itís the easiest way to get exactly what I want, and theyíre super chill.

    I use it with an army I call Pekka NO Bat.
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    I use Valkyries and a Rage spell to destroy TH if my main troops didn't go to the TH. Most of the time it was a success. Never mind the Heal Spell, those Valks can destroy TH fast with Rage spell.
    If you didn't succeed, I think because there are other high damage defenses around the TH, Scattershot and Inferno Tower, might look out for that. Just be sure that GW is near to the Valks so that the Valks get additional HP.

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    Bowlers if u have warden with a rage
    Valks if below th11
    ig if above th11

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    Ice golem + Pekka + rage/2 freezes/heal depanding on army comp in war. I almost never use CC in multiplayer or on defense.

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    3 giant 5 bowler rage ww almost every time for war for normal raid hogs barrack rafe

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    Honestly since the Siege Machines will be tanking, they will be usually ahead of the rest of the army. So when the Siege Machine gets destroyed, you need a new meatshield for the army. So a combination of Giants, PEKKAs and Ice Golems is the way to go. Anything else would be vaporised.

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    Wizards but I don't use my cc for attacking very often. Wizards are the best defence for my th lvl (9/10) IMHO
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