In answer to Fromadiva's question "I'm in the best neighborhood. We all help each other.
If you have to make 25 pizzas in 12 hours how can you harvest 25 lobsters?" need neighbors who already have lobsters stockpiled in their barns and are willing to share them with you. You need fish and cheese too from them if you don't have them stockpiled. I remember when I was at a lower level and my neighbors gave me all the ingredients that were needed to make Frutti di Mare for a boat. At least it takes only 12 minutes to make one, once you manage to get the ingredients.

Yes, it's harder to be stuck with such a task in a Mystery Derby. I was stuck with a fish and chips task asking for 11 and I had to start from zero. Each fish and chips took 1h 16m. I had the ingredients but it still took me 14 hours. Luckily that was my 10th task and the other hoods must have been stuck with long tasks too because I made it to 2nd place.