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Thread: Strategy for TH9/10

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    Strategy for TH9/10

    Is there any good 3 star dragon attack strategy for TH9 and TH10?

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    depends on the base layout, but 10/9 dragons and 8 loons, with rage spells should work, if TH 10 you should have some freezes if you're up against single target inferno

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    For TH9 I use:
    10 Dragons
    4 Balloons
    4 Lightning Spells
    1 Poison
    And 6 more Balloons in my CC, along with a haste or freeze depending on the base. Use heroes and a dragon (if needed) to create the funnel, and then release the Dragons. I use the Lightning Spells on the hardest to reach Air Defenses.

    For TH10:
    11 Dragons
    4 Balloons
    4 Lightning Spells
    1 Rage
    1 Poison
    In the CC I bring 7 Balloons. If at least one Inferno is set to single, I use a freeze and a stone slammer. If both are set to multi, then a haste and slammer. Ultimately there is no dragon army that guarantees a 3 star. I, however, find the two army compositions most effective, but I would strongly suggest tweaking it around to see what works best for yourself.

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    on th9 9drags rest loons with 2 rage 2 lightning freeze and haste but this does not works everytime on th10 dragbat on bases with single inferno and drags with electrone on multi inferno

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    If you are looking for a good war strategy at TH9 check out this guide I am sure it will help you.

    TH9 QC LALO guide
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