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Thread: Had a bit of a scary moment in HayDay

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    Had a bit of a scary moment in HayDay

    Got home from work and opened my iPad to play. I looked down to see a a screen I didn’t recognize- I remember an envelope and it looked like how many games begin- a bit of a story before you get into it. I have been playing a while with one farm only and don’t remember the beginning.

    I panicked, shut down the game and app and went back in. All is well, thankfully. I assume being connected to Facebook and the great support at Supercell, my game wouldn’t have been lost forever. But for those seconds- it really was scary. All the years and money I have devoted to this game- I would have been devastated to lose it.

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    Use SCID Supercell ID. Far better IMO.

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    Stacey2727, I recently had a similar moment of fright when I was setting up a new device. I waited to see if it wanted me to have a 3rd farm. When it finished with the intro story, there was a message that said something to the effect of “we see there is a farm at Level XXX, would you like to open this farm?”

    As OzAudi pointed out, SC ID is the best and safest way to protect your farm.

    Glad it all worked out.
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    I’m gonna look into SCID. I might already have one- I join everything, I do everything and I don’t always remember what I’ve done.

    How do I find this- what do I search for or does anyone have a link to this? Edit: I just googled and lots came up- just need to know which one is trustworthy and the correct path.

    Edit again- found it within my game. I’m connected to a Supercell ID.

    Good to know! ��
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