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    Donation Pool

    My idea is that at like clan level 15 add a perk that allows the clan to have a "donation pool". It would be that each person can donate so many troops to the pool, like max town hall can donate 70 spaces worth of troops, 1 level down would be like 60-65 and so on, so that in addition to having the request feature you could also potentially just take what you need while the rest of your clan may be offline. You could possibly balance it by making it so the leveling up of troops from donations doesn't apply to these troops, and it would also allow lower level players to have a chance to donate troops.

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    Donation deposit for the clan

    Hello everyone.
    I'm using Google Translate, if I have misspellings, I'm sorry.
    I've been thinking about an idea now. This idea would be that, all the clans had a "deposit / stock" of troops. For example: I made troops to donate, but then nobody asks for them. Instead of throwing them away, I would put them in that clan deposit. Then when a player wanted to ask for troops, he would simply look in the "deposit" to see if he has the troops he wants, if not, he normally asks the clan players.
    As for the number of troops that would fit in this deposit, I had the idea of ​​being separated by the volume that it weighs in the camp. I thought 100 units would be enough for each troop in that warehouse. For example: 6 ice golems (in total 90 units), 20 balloons (in total 100 units), 4 pekkas (in total 100 units). I believe I already understood hahahaha.
    This value of 100 can be modified for each troop, since 100 barbarians / archers would not fit in the warehouse.

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    Nice idea!

    Some comments:

    1) I would not set a limit for each troop as this might lead to a race condition.
    If a limit is really needed - don't know why this should be the case -, I would simply set a (quite high) limit for all troops.

    2) For a single player:
    a) the pulling frequency should be limited and/or
    b) the daily amount that can be pulled should be limited and/or
    c) pulling should be allowed for CW participants only (option to be activated during CWs).
    This way the deposit can not be drained by some idiot using all the troops for farming purposes.

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    What and what would you use it for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenixlp44 View Post
    What and what would you use it for?
    Ofcourse, get the donated troops.😅

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    CC Donation Camp Proposal.

    Here is an idea that i feel will increase the quality of life when training your army. Instead of donating from your main camps, there could be a smaller camp with maybe 50-100 capacity which cannot be used in battle but exclusively for donating. I cannot tell you how many times i have to reorganize my entire army because i donated 1 PEKKA then having multiple troops from the queued army popping in to main army. This camp could be a feature positioned by the merchant and the loot cart, out of the way of your base and not taking up unnecessary space. Please consider looking into this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenixlp44 View Post
    What and what would you use it for?
    We - casual players - have a huge span of members' ages (12 to 53).
    The necessity of visiting school (kids) and daily work (elders) makes it often complicated to provide an adequate donating of troops at the right time.
    Having the "donation pool" would reduce the time waiting for specific troops as the most requested ones could be pre-built and stored in the pool.

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