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    Quote Originally Posted by eitiel View Post
    That doesn't save the Royal Champion, you have to track her position if you want her ability to be useful
    It saves all of them. It is just that the delay on RC ability is enough that she is often dead again before it activates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega1 View Post
    So all the redacted ideas are from the lists on that link?

    And I never bothered posting my ideas because it has probably already been raised and most likely redacted.
    Yes, all redacted ideas are on the list of ruled out ideas - or are very clearly not QOL.

    We do not redact anything just because it has already been posted in this thread, so feel free to post your ideas without having to read through the 1000+ posts in the thread.

    We redact ideas on that list for the same reason we remove threads about them from the Ideas & Feature Requests forum. Supercell have already seen these ideas multiple times, and have stated they have no intention of working on them at present. Posting them again gains nothing, since SC have already seen them frequently.

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    Saludos cordiales amigos¡¡¡ .
    Antes de nada agradecer a soporte tecnico la devolucion de una cuenta hace ya 2 meses,en la que quise cabiar mi inicio de sesion de ID a googleplay....GRACIAS.
    Bueno ya yendo al tema que nos trata;yo pediria enrarecidamente de que el contador de tiempo de guerra se cambiase el color quitarlo del color rojo al blanco por ejemplo.
    Tengo 45 años y ya la vista me esta pasando factura jajajaja,me veo en ocasiones recurrir a mi hijo para que me diga cuanto tiempo falta para finalizar la guerra.
    Gracias por este estupendo juego y por contar con nosotros para futuras mejoras.UN abrazo.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______
    Best regards, friends.First of all thank technical support for the return of an account 2 months ago, in which I wanted to fit my login to Googleplay ID .... THANK YOU.Well, going to the topic that deals with us, I would ask very rarely that the war timer change the color to remove it from red to white for example.I am 45 years old and the view is taking its toll hahahaha, I see myself sometimes resorting to my son to tell me how much time is left to end the war.Thank you for this great game and for having us for future improvements. A hug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TH9clasherIND View Post
    Yes they are

    That was a very good move because it would have been some work for mods to 'redact' your post otherwise .
    It is not acceptable to suggest it was a "good" move to not post.

    Do not do so again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdenGen View Post
    I might be wrong but wasn't there an update which meant you could set the heroes to automatically trigger their abilities when their health dropped to a certain point? I know this isn't ideal for timing but it's better than missing the ability
    this was implemented, although I have on several occasions seen where the queen has popped her ability yet no spawned troops have come out, so her ability has been useless

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    If you have a hero set to sleep mode, then upgrade, they automatically switch back to guard mode. Normally I'm good about double checking before logging off but when doing multiple upgrades on multiple accounts it can be missed from time to time, and I find myself attacking without a hero because they switched to guard after an upgrade, then I got hit, then I logged in to hit but they were still recovering. Minor inconvenience but it'd be a QOL improvement if they stayed on sleep after an upgrade instead of automatically switching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    It is not acceptable to suggest it was a "good" move to not post.

    Do not do so again.
    No Excuses .

    I apologize to you and OP .

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    Separate clan mail from attack/def.

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    Tell us there's not a COVID-19 outbreak in Finland and everything is going smoothly towards an upcoming update, please...

    PS: If all the ideas in this thread had to be implemented, the game footprint would reach, hum, 300MB

    PPS: Cya, gotta do some work!

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    I'd like to see that the drop down menu that shows upgrades in process also the status of the lab research.

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