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    What QoL Improvements Would You Like To See?

    Over the course of 2020, we plan on introducing numerous Quality of Life (QoL) improvements to the game. Some of them will be minor, behind the scenes stuff, and some of it will be much more obvious like some UI improvements, and many features the community has been asking about for quite some time.

    I don't have a dedicated list of confirmed QoL improvements just yet as we are still elbow-deep in developing the content for the next update.

    This thread is simply to engage in conversation with the Community about features they feel would improve the quality of the game.

    Caveat: This is meant to be a genuine conversation about features in the game that can be improved. Pointless stuff like "Bring back global" or "burn the boat" will be removed or ignored, and possibly given an infraction after repeated warnings. Please try to keep this conversation on track as we really do want to see your thoughts on this.

    Things that are considered QoL improvements improve the...well...quality of life when playing the game. Examples of ideas would be like being able to request specific troops for CC troops, or having the UI not close when you want to promote someone multiple times.

    Things that are NOT QoL improvements are things like new troop ideas, new TH levels, etc.

    Post some of your ideas, whether they are utterly mundane or absolutely bizarre and wild, let's hear them. But more importantly, I'd love to hear WHY you think it's a QoL improvement.
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    -I would like to have the ability to choose in which order the cc troupes goes out of the cc

    -Or a kind of troupe tank only for donation to avoid to screw up the normal troupes queues

    -Having VIP access on some clan to avoid to wait someone accept you when you run multiple clan in your community
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    A better way to tell the position of the air sweeper especially in multiplayer

    Sometimes the sweeper can point in a certain direction and you think you going away from it and then it turns right around

    think it's when your troops are on the edge of it's range and it can mess your raid up a bit

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    What I'd like for QOL if possible is a way to manage your accounts position in the shown list.
    I've several accounts, but I play only 2, max 3 actively at a time. By actively I mean where the account needs to do base work since a new lvl has been started. The other accounts serve their purpose as donation toons and war mongers.

    I've found myself accidentally switching to the wrong account on occassion because I didn't end up scrolling through quick enough.

    So if I could kind of place them in a position of my liking, I'd likely avoid making a wrong switch. Yes it happens more so when I am tired and still playing

    (*I know I have too many accounts*)
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    I was playing Practice mode the other day to kill some time and thought how visually appealing it would be if the Heroes on the defending base had random Skins from prior Skin releases. Just a little visual flair to break up the monotony and give a reason to re-visit those stages every now and again.

    A survival mode or scalable difficulty in Single Player to give a reason to play those stages again too.

    A "sandbox" mode for Practice in which you can practice with various armies using levels from any prior Town Hall (provided you have unlocked those levels in your Village), so higher-echelon players can demonstrate attacks to their clanmates or just for everyone to have fun with a friend or on their own. The ability to watch/share Practice replays would be important for this to matter. Layouts can be the pre-fabricated ones from Practice mode, or if incorporated with Friendly Challenges, you can attack your clanmates with armies set to a precise Town Hall level instead of simply over-powering them with your maxed out armies. Saved army comps could be used for Practice/FC as well (with troops that might have to be de-selected to be the appropriate amount for a specific camp space). Since troops aren't expended for FCs, this method can avoid the tricky "having two armies at the ready" that is frequently suggested but seems to be avoided and in turn wouldn't affect regular gameplay (Multiplayer, War).
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    No more filling CCs for Clanwars or even worse in CWL... Doing it like in Legend league where once you have your Warbase and your CC you can leave all that alone, that would be a great QoL improvement.

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    I was thinking about practice mode bases for th13, or a way to have one army for donations and one army for attacking. The donation army will “lock” into the barracks so it is exclusively used for donating troops. Then you can just train up an army for attacking whenever you need to.

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    In some Hadrons like Kaons, strange D mesons, and other such Strange Particles.
    Better text editing option for clan mails and cc request...
    When we want to change text for cc request or clan mails, it clears everything when we tap on it to edit.. and if there is a mistake in middle of text then its annoying to clear all and type everything again

    CC requests messages are small so its still ok if it remains same, but for Clan mails it would be good to allow this option
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    I would like to see some clan leading/ operation QoL changes like

    - CWL schedule plan for the whole week
    Everybody knows when I want her/him to be in the 15/30 war lineup

    - Clanfamily
    InterClanChat and maybe InterClan donation

    - Clangames
    threshold for extra reward be setable by leader/coleader as part of clanmanagement
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