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    Quote Originally Posted by wotanwaton View Post
    There is a thread with ruled out stuff.
    ruled out
    Yes there is, as I pointed out in my post. But yet again a mature response with an eye roll.

    All I suggested was to point out these ideas are ruled out, but leave them in the thread to reiterate for people . But given your response I will refrain from further discussion as there appears zero point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfie564 View Post
    Yes there is, as I pointed out in my post. But yet again a mature response with an eye roll.

    All I suggested was to point out these ideas are ruled out, but leave them in the thread to reiterate for people . But given your response I will refrain from further discussion as there appears zero point.
    I’m sure very few people are reading the entire 80 pages of this thread (I’m keeping up), so repetition will happen. In part, I do agree it would be nice if the ruled out idea wasn’t removed when edited, BUT people should be expected to read the [currently] ruled out sticky in I&FR before posting here too, so the ideas shouldn’t be posted here in the first place. If you’re really interested in what was removed, refer to the sticky Wotan provided a link to. There’s a 100% chance it will be listed there. I’d like to also point out I have posted several new QOL ideas throughout this thread, and none have been redacted.

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    Getting rid of the scrolling when selecting troops or spells to deploy.
    Troops at the bottom, spells on the left, heroes and cc on the right of the screen.

    New content released more quickly.
    I now have nothing to do due to the use of the goldpass. So I am not gonna buy another goldpass because it makes me progress too fast.
    I will miss the training boost though..

    I'd like a solution so I can give troops without worrying my camp is filled with wrong troops/spells/sieges from the queue. I want to be able to rearrange the queue and then pull a lever to release the queued troops.

    I'd like to see the health level of the heroes on the deployment button wich is hard to see in the attack due to spells and/ or other visual effects.

    I'd like to see another status besides yes or no regarding clan wars. One that says: only if your short on ppl, you can select me, otherwise, leave me out of the clan war.

    I'd like to be able to attack beyond 8 times in legend league, just for practice. No loot, no cups, just attack so you have something to do if you're done with your daily 8 attacks.

    I'd like to see more micro upgrades instead of a full lvl upgrade of defences. The current upgrade times are ridiculous IMHO. 6 builders active and more then a week before the first finishes. I am bored because of this.
    No, I am not gonna gem them ready because defences do not add anything to my attack strength.

    I'd like more themes for all the heroes to go by. Eg. The party warden is a disco theme. Where are the disco skins for the other heroes? I have an ice skin for the queen, but nothing for the other heroes in that theme.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfie564 View Post
    Great thread and nice to see the forum community so invested in sharing ideas. A QOL thought for this thread...

    I do realise there is a long list of rules out ideas but please, stop redacting them. Sure, edit the post to say this is currently ruled out to help posters and readers realise much stuff has been previously considered and ruled out. Quite frankly reading the ruled out thread before posting on here would most likely mean there would only be 3-4 pages of QOL ideas. And as mentioned in the original post, this thread is to ‘engage in conversation with the community’. Constant redaction hardly appears to encourage engagement.

    I’m also pretty certain previously ruled out ideas have occasionally been overturned and implemented. Let people read the ideas and engage in the thread with guidance not constant redaction.

    Obviously anyone that refers to the specifically listed caveat on Darian’s post should be dealt with as appropriate.
    It isn't a "specifically listed" anything, those are just examples, he said "pointless stuff like ...".

    The idea of this thread is to bring forward things that SC may not have thought about, not re-iterate things they already know about and have decided not to do at present.

    Yes, I know some initially ruled out ideas have later been implemented, but not as a result of them continuing to be discussed. If it is on the ruled out list, then SC have seen it suggested multiple times, so they are well aware of it, and there is no point in bringing it up yet again.

    And with this thread being in General, I don't really expect many of the people posting here to have read the ruled out list in IFR, but tat is no reason to leave those ideas clogging up the thread.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grill View Post
    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Maverick View Post
    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
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    poison spell, why do i need to get rid of 1 poison spell or any spell after finishing attack usually in multiplayer that I didn't used when using QUICK TRAIN.... either I need to edit remove everytime the poison spell before I can use quick TRAIN or get rid of that poison spell in the EDIT ARMY so I can use the QUICK TRAIN. I used poison spell as a good example.....
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    Can You let clasher know who spectate during war or raid. After clasher finish their attack often they ask in the clan, who is spectating me😂. It was cool if qol update will let people know who is spectate after finish attack. Maybe we can touch spectate icon after finish attack and can see the list of id name watching not during attack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heethoofd View Post
    I'd like to see the health level of the heroes on the deployment button which is hard to see in the attack due to spells and/ or other visual effects.
    This already exists in the game.

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    I thought of an Qol a way to know if a player is active or inactive not by a online status but something different when a player is not active for 1 day it will appear or for 12 hours or 6 hours as per Supercell's wish after the time goes it will appear that the player was active about 6 hours ago .As a result leaders and co leaders will be able to see if a player is inactive or not.
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    Had an interesting idea today. Watching a clan mate with full storages and no free builders....he is only in Titans 1 so I think he did a token attack today....It involves gems and using them to complete upgrades or the like. Example: say my RC is down for another 1 day 5 hours. 1) Give me an option to pay to have her finish at a time I choose 2) pay to shave the 5 hours or in this example cut 1 day off. 3) Allow me say A, B, C options of time reductions I could choose from and pay gems accordingly.

    I use a hero by example but the idea is when a builder/research potion is not what you want or need, and gemming the entire upgrade is overkill, and maybe you want a lab upgrade done at a certain time or a free builder when you will be online with full storages, or you just want your hero done 2 days or x hours in the future. The point is more flexibility than existing game provides. Sure I’ve tied up all 6 builders for 10 plus days and been bored, but conceptually it’s just giving the players more control to suit our needs in the game.

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    A notification to let you know your base is being attacked in clan wars would be nice, most of the time I miss the live attack, always more exciting if you can catch when your getting hit.
    When I receive a notification saying your village is being attacked I'd like to see a clarification on which of my acc is actually being attacked ( I have 3) and also when clicking on the notification it would be nice if it then loaded up that relevant acc, often when I get these and go to check I end up in the last village I was in rather than the acc which actually got attacked

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