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    1.Also boost Clan Castle reinforcement request with training potion boost or using gems.
    When boosting with cheap army like miners which takes around (24/4)=6 mins to train one can only take CC troops once per two attacks.This QoL will help farmers who use cheap armies a lot.

    2.Have a queue for hero's health just like there is one for troops trained.
    When we log in to attack after a while, there is two army cooked.First army is used and all heros dies(at least in higher leagues like Titan/legends) and we cannot do 2nd attack with the army trained in queue as heros are healing and not ready.

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    A "remove all button" in the troop training queue would be awesome!

    Sometimes I "quick train" an army composition but then change my mind.. I now have to remove all troops individually and the button to delete troops is a extremely tiny little button.

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    Split the troops into tabs on the Lab.

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    Fix the recruitment function. simple yet not done.

    allow filtering of war freq to match clan and save settings again very simple yet!!

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    A QOL improvement Iíd like to see is the progress of troops in the donation menu. When I press DONATE the troop thatís training would have the green progress bar letting me know how soon until itís done. That would make it easier to determine if Iíll just GEM the troop or wait until itís done training.

    Another would be the ability to copy a base lay out after war. Some of the hardest bases Iíve attacked Iíd love to practice with different troops over & over to become better or even modify the lay out to work better against certain attacks; Without this ability I have to screen shot the base & painstakingly make it myself then have a clan mate copy it & then wait for them to have the time to put a challenge. Iíd like to just practice myself without needing a challenge. Even if itís on my own base.

    Also, Iíd like to know what is the max level each troop can achieve at whatever my current th level is. Perhaps, add it in the lab. Something that would say ĎMax Troop Lv @ (TH 10) is ___í. Along side that, also to know what the next levels resource amount I would need so I know what to work toward.

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    Home village Lab UI should be like the Star Lab's UI

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    A section or tab where we can chat with our friends like in other battle royale games nd also if there was. Clan talk feature nd to set up a different troop combo for clan donation so that it does not hampers the main army. Nd some good match making regarding the low rank player as in champion league a th can use the shield nd is from the attacks where as he can attack which leads the other players who doesn't put this shield to stay back. The graphics can be a little better nd practice attack strategies for th 13 nd also some practice attack strategies for the builder hall.

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    It would be great to choose whether placing the siege machine alone or with the clan troops.
    Furthermore in case of friendly challenge I'd love to choose the army before each attack like in the BH, instead of using only the available troops. Maybe at least give the option to select the available army or the one in the queue.

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    CC request slots. Especially if there is a change to the request system in the next update with a menu for choosing donatable things for your request.

    For example:
    1. Siege Barracks, any troops, any spells
    2. Electro, 3 Balloons, rage/2 freezes, Slammer
    3. Any Siege Machine, Any troops, Heal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfie564 View Post
    Not exactly true, they can see you are attacking from clan list. I to would occasionally like to log on, attack, log off incognito.
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