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    - As mentioned, some sort of ‘filter’ for a CC request would be nice (only troops you ask for cam be donated)

    - When switching between accounts using SCID, I’d love to see the username of each account listed (so instead of email + tag, it would be email + username)

    - No base/FC cooldown when moving walls around (into places where there already were walls). To be more specific: I move around my level 14 walls when there are new ones (especially on war bases) to where extra HP would make sense. The only war layout difference in the end is the placement of different level walls, but there still is a 24 hour cooldown.

    Might edit later if I think/agree on some other ones :-)

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    Requesting CC troops to be included in training potion would be a nice one

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    1. Builder base loot available in season pass, even if it's marginally less than the amounts we get for main village.

    2. Unclaimed season pass rewards from previous season remain available for another few days into the new season. You could have a tab on the season pass screen that says Previous Season and tapping on it will bring up the unclaimed rewards.

    3. Loot from the season pass can be converted to gems on a 500000:1 ratio for gold/elixir and 5000:1 for dark elixir only if you don't have the storage available to claim it.

    4. Being able to indicate to your opponent that he won during builder base only after he has gotten more stars and/or percentage to avoid wasting clock tower boost

    5. Warden stays with a pack of troops but doesn't necessarily target the same buildings as them. I can't tell you how many times I could have 3 starred a base with edrags because my warden kept destroying the buildings before the edrags could get a shot off, ruining the entire point of using them for their chain lightning.

    6. Making air sweepers easier to locate. My vision is bad and it can be difficult to find the air sweepers on a base when scouting. Perhaps redesign them with new colors that don't necessarily match the TH design. Or make them taller.

    7. Extra scouting time in legends.

    8. Being able to choose between your main army and your queued army whether it be for all leagues or just legends.

    9. Being able to request for specific troops only for CC requests, and no other troops can otherwise be donated to that request.

    10. Being able to link with sister/brother clans to establish interclan chat with them and to send and receive donations to/from them. Establishing the link would not be possible during wars and CWL to avoid unrelated opposing clans from being able to chat with each other and win trading. You can, however, still chat and donate to another clan yours is already linked with during wars and CWL, but establishing a new link with another clan would be disabled since you can't know in advance who you'll be matched with in war (I'm not gonna discuss self matching clans or FWA)
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    Dedicated donation queue would be the most important QoL improvement for me. Instead of having to delete my donation troops every time before a raid, they would be always available for donations to clan mates.

    Chat family functionality: Hop between family clans keeping your rank/donation ratio, and instead of the global chat tab, an inter-clan chat. Pretty sure this would help many groups that consist of more then one clan.

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    I'll add to this post as I think of more. I'm sure some will be mentioned multiple times.

    1. Only requested troops can be donated. I'm ok with any level.
    2. A way to restrict who can fill War CC during CWL instead of the entire roster.
    3. More fluid movement in the UI. A back button on every screen. As of now, navigating through screens can be a pain. Having to return home after visiting a base through the recruitment tool being one example. (maybe make the base preview bigger).
    4. An option to not receive friend requests. Similar to the not receive invites option.
    5. Ability to "lock" the home screen so no accidental movement of walls or buildings. Or, edit through the base editor only.
    6. A label players and clans can use to indicate they are looking for a clan/members. Maybe the magnifying glass as the symbol.
    7. Allow leadership to promote/demote/kick when clicking on member's name in clan chat.
    8. Allow creator code to remain active until changed or removed. Or, Send a notification when it has expired.
    9. A way to form alliance with other clans. Leaders can send a alliance request to another clan. The request will be delivered straight to the Other clan Leader's inbox. Only Leader can accept. Once accepted, the clan/clans will appear on a list similar to bookmarked clans. Moving through the linked clans can be done through the join button, but, all requirements will be bypassed. But, as with friend requests, will also need an option to not receive alliance requests.
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    Idk if it got addressed i haven't faced it after that fine if its done if not thats the one id like

    2. Separate queue for donation troops if possible

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    able to share videos (youtube) and photos in the clan chat
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    Be able to FC your own base
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    Smaller Star Laboratories in the Builder Base. Similar to how the Laboratory in the Main Base was shrunk.

    Clan Gifts appearing permanently in the shop. Maybe the could cost 10$ to get 20 Clan Gifts with no Gems in the pack.

    Being able to check what your Clanmates are researching in their Laboratory/Star Laboratory.

    Being able to Gear Up all Cannons/Archer Towers/Mortars after OTTO is unlocked.

    Obstacles can be removed at BH2.

    A new screen for each troop/spell/building/hero that shows all of their stats, including hidden ones.

    and more...

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    Please add a button to turn off screen shaking during attacks! Please!
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    Supercell - add a button in Clash to stop the screen from shaking during attacks please!

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