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Thread: Sidekick II - CWL - and cost

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    Sidekick II - CWL - and cost

    Just wondering if anyone has any recent information about the Sidekick (II) bot for Discord, and support for CWL.

    We use it all the time for regular war but since we're on version I it goes awful quiet during CWL. Their website is a model of clarity (cough), and doesn't mention anything about payment. Most recent forum post on the topic was April last year, when
    (a) it was quoted as being $5 per month and
    (b) the Clash API in the area of CWL was said to be weak, so features were limited (at least, compared to regular war).

    9 months on I would hope the API has been improved. Also, it looks like Sidekick now has Patreon support, so they might have decided they're getting enough income from that to waive the monthly fee for yer average user.

    But that's all supposition. Does anyone ​know?

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    pretty sure it is the monthly patreon support that will enable the extra features.
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