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    Queen AI

    the queen after th 13 update has become mad. she steps into a compartment and then clears some buildings within her range and then she retargets and outer builings and just moves out of the compartment. this problem is faced by many players who are youtubers as well. even if the funnell is well established she moves like a non-sense. hope supercell take this into consideration and improve the queens AI.

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    Happens also with me sometimes, but I don't think that its her AI's which is causing this problem. I think she prefers buildings over the wall. Thats why when she is in front of wall & have cleared the building behind the wall, she gets targeted to the building near her rather than the building which is nearer after breaking the wall.

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    Without a video for reference, it's impossible to actually determine what the issue is. At any time you feel the AI is being wonky, please do upload a video to YouTube or your video hosting site of choice in order to share it with us. Simply telling us "X is broken" doesn't really give us anything to go with.

    Imagine if I just said to you, "something hurts" but never really explained what is in pain. Would you be able to deduce where the pain is, what's causing it, how bad the pain is, etc. just based on that vague statement?
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    Battle machine be like should i be worried now🤭

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    It sounds like the Queen is targeting buildings within her range, then when she’s done, she targets more buildings within her range instead of the ones you want her to target that you think are in her range.

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    I bet this is a rule of three thing!
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    Or is the issue her refusal to hit a junction wall (which every other troop will hit but her).

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    A video proof would be better ...

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    here’s picture to show how broken she is....... not skilled enough to show the whole video, but pretty sure the picture speaks for itself

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    Quote Originally Posted by RH69 View Post
    Battle machine be like should i be worried now來
    No actually.

    Because he’s too stupid to be able to think like that.

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