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    Well, can be further proof that there is no benefit in restarting the search in CWL unless you need to make changes. If your CWL search gets to the end of the cutoff, you are instantly matched with other clans. The only drawback to matching at the end is that you may be unlucky and end up with a short CWL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klavious View Post
    They need a 48 hour window to allow clans in regular war to get in CWL.

    this is common in Champs as it seems there is a match right near the start of the window then a flurry or matches right at the end.
    ....Rubbish....plan your wars better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gob1 View Post
    We only had a 5 war CWL last time because of numbers doing CWL...thought would be better this time.
    What do you mean by "because of the numbers doing cwl"?.. A 5 clan league could happen whether there are millions of clans in the tier, or only dozens..
    The matching pools are to stop collusion..
    And the 2 day sign in is to give ample time is so that anyone that wishes to join in can.. Not everybody can be available all the time, so 2 days seems an appropriate length to me (and ties in with a war duration)..

    One of the best things about cwl is that it allows all clans of all abilities to play.. And if people played to actually perform, then the differing skill levels, coupled with the differing roster weights, would give a format whereby the "actual performance" would make war outcomes close.

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