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Thread: Need armies for Farming and War

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    Question Need armies for Farming and War

    Iíll actually be moving to TH10 soon as I only have a few defences left to upgrade. But I need a few suggestions on effective armies

    - Mostly using a Loonion army with 20 minions, rest loons, 1 heal, 2 rage, 3 haste. It does the job but I tend to find with Loonion that if you donít 3 star, you miss a lot of loot.
    - Also using mass goblins on dead bases but only if I can afford to drop trophies.
    - Apparently miners at TH10 are supposed to be good for farming?

    - Mostly been playing with witch slap, 10 witches, 4 healers, 1 golem, few wizards and archers. I usually get 2 stars, sometimes 3, I struggle against maxed TH9s, I always seem to loose my witches going around the outside because the healers wonder off.
    - I want to try LavaLoon but I need to upgrade my lava hounds.

    My heroís are approaching level 20 so Iím thinking I could make more use of them? What armies go best with a queen Walk?


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    Hogs was my favorite max th9 attack. Would wreck other th9s.

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    WitchSlap requires some good hero levels. Make sure to take CC Bowlers and if necessary 2 jump spells. No offense but in my opinion lavaloon w/o queen walk is kinda redundant at TH9. Also please take the time to get Queen to 25 and King to 20 because it will be of immense help at TH10!
    Hogs after a kill squad of golem , cc bowler couple wiz and healers should do the trick as well for war!

    As for farming ,.. I preferred to use loonion with cc hound / loons your choice and Giants, Wizards , Pekka + cc pekka or bowlers

    Queen Walks at TH9 go well with BabyLoon for pushing purposes tho i'd like you to have a level 22+ queen to try it

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    I wrote a pretty detailed guide on Queen Charge LavaLoon at TH9. Check out the link in my signature below. I am sure you will find it helpful. Queen Charge Lalo in my opinion is one of THE strongest attacks in the game across all TH levels. Let me know your feedback on it.

    Thank you and have a nice day .

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