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Thread: [Season 7] When did your Valley collect enough chicken ?

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    I see maybe one chicken a day, so we are currently up to 33. Why are they finding it so difficult to balance this game? It was almost perfect the season before last, then they had the animals, and now we're back to having no chickens, and low points at each house. It's exasperating.

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    I have only seen three chickens this entire season, it’s ridiculous. Obviously others in my Valley have seen more as we should reach 100 tomorrow. I hate feeling like I haven’t pulled my weight collecting them, but despite looking frequently and wide & fat, there just haven’t been any.

    Season 6 was GREAT. s7 was dire.... I was pleased to see the sanctuary animals gone & the chickens back, but this season has been boring!

    Can we just have it back like S6 please!

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    30. Really too bad because I actually liked the special deco this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibssoli27 View Post
    I collected our 100th chicken with 11days remaining. I just find it frustrating now that group request don't show up anymore once the 100 chickens are already done. I have a group request task now and i don't think i won't able to accomplish it.
    That has not been my experience. My Valley is at 146 chickens and there are numerous group requests around the Valley.

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    I have collected 8. Entire valley has total of 9, including my 8. Not a lot happening over here.

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    This is the most active Valley I’ve ever been in. My baby farms are by default in the Valley (I saw them even though I took care not to enter the Valley with any of them) but I am only playing my main farm. I have only seen about 6 chickens since I started but others in the Valley were far luckier because we got to 100 yesterday.

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    I Haven not had a problem with thd chickens in the other valley's but this time we are not going to make it, just 30 chickens at the moment. I see one chicken every other day.

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    We passed 100 today. Nice compared to the last valley. My animal sanctuary valley was a ghost town. I worked like crazy and still came up way short because most days it was just me. Clearly, there are still problems with matching players who want to play. I wonder how HD determines an active player.

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    Also passed 100 today. Usually I've been really active with chickens but this time it was quite clear that we'll reach the target anyway. So I've been superlazy and collected maybe 5 out of those 100.

    I found this season to be quite boring, personally I enjoyed more of animal sanctuary. Just one scroll, few boosters, too expensive piggy bank etc.. I'm doing just the minimum for now.

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    We are at 151 chickens now. Weird because i rarely see chickens and i think iíve only caught 4-5 chickens on the road. I guess i am with active players. Plus every time i click on the valley thereís always new chickens caught.

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