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    Millennial Club tinman610's Avatar
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    Dec 2015
    Great White North, Eh
    Sniff, one last push to see how many leaderboards i can get on
    Level 228 | TH14 | 2851 war stars | clan C9R2GLC Forum Ranks
    I want to be Mayor of Dawnbreak City

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    Apr 2014
    In the builders secret underground lair
    Fingers crossed I get back in before the end…
    COC MAIN: Max TH13 Clash Profile
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    COC THIRD: Working on TH13 Clash profile

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    Apr 2016
    Still searching for the hog rider in BB...
    Thanks Warios for your awesome efforts! This I will truly miss.

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    If You Guys are still updating add me..
    In game name - Chinmay Mandal
    Player tag- #2G0P90C9J

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    If this is getting one last update please include me:
    Dread Pirate R #2Y0JGYUGU
    Thanks Warios!! Really appreciate everything.
    Wizard's Duel #PGLP0802 Dread Pirate R #2Y0JGYUGU - New TH14
    Contact me on Discord (Dread Pirate Roberts#5841)
    Credit for avatar - I found it here

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