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Thread: When to create a feeder or a mini clan

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    When to create a feeder or a mini clan

    When is the time to create a feeder clan or a mini clan? I run a clan(Crimson Dawn #2ppqvqg22) we currently run about 45-50 members regularly(kicking every once in a while to make some space). We have some pretty good people and a strong foundation. How do you when to start a new clan?
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    Factors to consider: 1) How often do you get people requesting to join?
    2) How many join requests do you accept?
    3) How often & how many people do you kick to make room?
    4) Do new recruits stay for long? Do the keave or get kicked? What's the turnover rate?
    And 5) How hard does your clan recruit?
    If you get lots of requests every day/week, are kicking people every day or every few days, are strong at recruiying and people tend to stay for the longterm, then yes, create a filler clan (mini clan, feeder clan, alliance clan, etc.).
    If none/few of those apply, don't do it yet.
    Only you can answer the questions I posed.

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    Running a clan is time consuming.. Running 2 clans is twice the work..
    If you dont run it yourself, there is the chance it will take on its own entity and break away, meaning you lose a good member, instead of gaining a ready made supply of members..

    Do you have enough high level accounts to afford to lose one or two to feed the new clan troops?.
    Or afford the time and troops to hop between the 2, keeping everybody happy?
    People wont hang around if there is nothing to gain for them.

    Sometimes its best to concentrate on growing what you have.. watch the activity, especially on the lower accounts, and make room till everybody is settled and growing strong..
    Once the main clan is bulging with big accounts, then it can be time to split between the main for big boys, and the secondary for lower level wars..

    This way, the main clan gets full benefit whilst growing, and the newbies get to learn war later in the sub clan..
    What value is there in owning 2 clans filled with low level accounts?

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