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Thread: AeroScare Level 19 Australian War Clan

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    Bumping it

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    Annnnd bump! Been a while 🙃😄

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    And bumping

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    Hey guys. We're looking for experienced non rushed 13s that want to participate in the upcoming cwl. DM me or hit the link in the original thread 🤙👍👍

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    Still looking for th11-th13

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    Bumping once again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kydas101 View Post
    G'day fellow Aussies and Kiwis!

    AeroScare is now recruiting TH12s and TH13s to join our active war clan!

    CWL: Masters 1
    Regular wars: Back to back
    Clan Games: Always max out points

    We are an active adult war clan that is fairly competitive when it comes to wars. (We love to win, just not dicks about it) Our war log has a heap of green in it and our 13s are beginning to crush it now as they are working out new strats.

    To join us you must have maxed all defenses and hero's from the previous town hall, and have decent walls.

    The proof of your war experience will be in your war stars 😀

    Request to join in game if you think you measure up and mention that you saw us here 😀 (There is only 1 level 20 AeroScare)

    Side note: Our recent wars have been 5v5 as almost all our th13s are upgrading hero's. It is not a common theme 😀👍😀👍

    Happy Clashing guy's n girl's hopefully be seing you soon 🇦🇺🇳🇿🍻
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