Seeking active, determined players who want to grow stronger, war, and compete in our growing clan family. US east-coast based. Expect back-to-back wars, high-level troop donations, and a relaxed atmosphere with experienced players.

About Us

Castle Black is our experienced and competitive adult war clan featuring back-to-back wars and 30v30 CWL match-ups. Moar Mustash is our feeder clan for new or hungry players who want somewhere active to learn and grow through wars and CWL (ideal for minis).


  • Castle Black = TH 12+13 (#92CUJQGV)
  • Moar Mustash = TH 4-11 (#YUQGPYY2)
  • Loyalty
  • Willingness to learn
  • No drama
  • English speaking only


  • No rushing (keep everything upgraded)
  • All heroes up for war (opt out when heroes are down)
  • Use both attacks in war (scout when required)
  • Follow the plan (communication in discord, mail, and chat)
  • Donate what's requested (typically max troops)
  • Friendly Challenge (FC) often

How to Join

Apply in game at Castle Black (#92CUJQGV) or Moar Mustash (#YUQGPYY2) by saying "I am the sword in the darkness" and leadership will review your profile as soon as possible.

You can reply here on the forums with your details (name, age, th level, location), but you'll get a quicker response in game. We look forward to battling with you.

Night gathers, and now my watch begins.