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Thread: Alpha Wolves (Th10+) (Some Th9) (Clan Wars) (Clan War League) (Clan Games)

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    Alpha Wolves (Lv 1 Clan) (Th10+) (Lv 80+) (Clan Wars) (Clan War League) (Clan Games)

    Welcome to Alpha Wolves. We outsmart the enemy. I am recruiting players to join my clan so we can gain amazing rewards from the game itself. I allow Th9 players. No one should be rushed. Donations are highly recommended. DM my discord JackyBoiWolf#6335 for more information about the clan or visit my Clash of Clans profile #9V0V9YJQ to visit the clan. The clan is open but only for a week. I will later set the clan to Invite only.
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