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Thread: Double tap to purchase

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    Double tap to purchase

    I think we should be able to drag a decoration onto the farm and see how it looks first and then perhaps tap it twice or something like that to approve purchase. I just bought something for a lot of diamonds without really knowing how I would like it on my farm and I find that I donít like it. If we were able to resell the decorations and get like half the diamonds or some money back, then whatever. But my storage has a lot of decorations I will not be using.

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    There is a small chance that this suggestion could lead to a lot more people trying out the diamond decorations and then deciding to buy the decor. And SC makes a lot more money.

    But my gut feel is the opposite would be truer - that many would just try out instead of buying, leading to a drastic drop in diamond use. And SC makes a lot less money.

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