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Thread: Why This Supercell ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fun314 View Post
    I have a fixed clan !

    So what i played at the last moment even at last hour i should be given fair chance . clan games come for 6-7 days right !

    The issue is locking at zero points even after clan game participants are filled.. don't you think it's something sc needs to fix

    How on earth you have do you have more then 50 members lol... But with all seriousness if you clan is anyone can join then make it invite only. Because 50 players can all participate in single clan games. If someone leaves and new one comes is different story.

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    Just take it as a lesson learned..
    SC dont need do anything.. You simply have to make sure the first challenge you do can be achieved in one sitting, if there is a chance of someone hopping in and taking your slot.

    A clan has a membership maximum of 50 people.. How could they even change it without allowing clans to become a revolving door?
    And wouldnt this erode the basis of what clans are supposed to be about?
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