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Thread: Can I ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtralog View Post
    may I suggest, that you read MY post in first place?
    I did and you could think about what would happen if you get problems with that one email account. Maybe you could not connect your village to any other device but what happpense if you must reset your coc app or your device or you need a new device?
    Well yes contacting the ingame support would be the only way to get help but that could cause other problems.

    And last but not least > i said it is not recommendet to mess arrount with your login and its your own choise.

    Be aware that this could cause bigger problems as simply having an email account for each village.

    Quote Originally Posted by AxsMan View Post
    Simplest is one SCID one email. Simplest and safest. SC WILL let you change email accounts as long as you can prove the clash account is yours. You will need evidence like when you first started the account, when you first bought gems etc.
    Yes that is another good point. You cant distingush it for which village you made a purchase if you have only one email account but several villages connected to it.
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    Having separate email for each account is not that much of a problem...especially if you don't want to answer supercell support every now and then for proving an account to be yours .

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    To create a new account, you do not need a new email. To keep the new account, you do need a new email. My new email has actually come in handy since it’s just my forum name instead of my real name, so it’s super nice if I wish to remain anonymous.

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