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Thread: Collectors in Versus whats the point

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    Making Cannon suffer
    Quote Originally Posted by rowman View Post
    Not sure what you are suggesting. Is it ...

    1) Do away with all resource production. Keep everthing else as is, forcing any and all resource gains via daily 3 battle wins. (Less total loot per day).

    2) Do away with all resource production. Increase daily ☆☆☆ to compensate for lost production. (No change in overall average total per day. May gain more, or less, than now dependent upon trophy range).

    3) Other? (Please then explain).

    All 3 though have a major flaw. That is, new accounts. When you start off the game, you must know which upgrades to do, else you will be stuck in limbo forever! "Dang, should have invested the starting resources in the Lab and troop development. Now I cannot win a single battle, and with no additional resources available to build them up, then invest in the correct upgrades, I can never, ever, recover."
    Yes they are made for this reason. To prevent people getting stuck forever. That is why selling Buildings in the Main Base was removed.

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    So all resources should come from these daily attacks and upgrading base would take even longer?

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