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Thread: Single infernos at TH13?

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    Single infernos at TH13?

    Th12 base design was pidgin-holed into all multi infernos due to the power of bat spells. Placing even one inferno on single opened the base up to pekkabobat or batslap attacks due to the number of air splash defenses available.

    With the addition of two more air splash defenses (scattershots) and the current strength of yeti smash attacks and QW based attacks, my guess is that mainstream base design is going to skew towards two or three single infernos. Going to two single infernos, but now having two scattershots, replaces the air splash potential of multis, resulting in the same level of defense against bats while also providing additional strength against qw and yeti attacks.

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    I can see the reasoning behind this, since bats at 13 rarely work that i have seen. One IT set to single will not be missed to defend bats, and with scatters, have seen a few more ground Xbows as of late. Now that bases are getting closer to being upgraded defensively, the new designs will start to pop up.
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    At th10 & 11 I always kept my 2 infernoes in multi mode.
    Even at th12, before the 3rd inferno, I kept them in multi mode.
    Since the 3rd inferno was put into the game, I've kept one in single mode and 2 in multi mode.
    Seems to do well, depending on the base design.

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