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Thread: Unrestricted4 (#22PVURJJV) - English speaking - International

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    Unrestricted4 (#22PVURJJV) - English speaking - International

    We are a international Clan (English speaking). Currently level 6, working to level up.
    We are active in Wars. Our members are free to choose to Farm or to push for Trophies.

    We are a mature, friendly clan. We're loyal and supportive. We play for fun, and are active. At the moment we're small, but looking to increase the number of active players who want to stick around for the long run. If you are looking for a home, to grow and belong, look no further.

    English-speaking. Welcome from TH5 and up. The main requirement is to be active daily. For those who want to finish the Clan Games for the full rewards, there's the option to join Unrestricted3 for the Games. If you participate in War, we do expect you to use both your attacks. No rushers (a little will be forgiven, but keep it under control please). Our goal is to be a home for people who intend to stick around. Not hop-on, hop-off. We are not a bus for sight-seeing.

    Respect each other. There is no age restriction, but no juvenile or hormonal tendencies. Donate what is requested and if you can.

    And... You do not get to become 'Elder' or 'Co-leader’ by request, you will have to earn it. Even then, there is no guarantee. Be active, donate or contribute in other ways that benifit the Clan. We are part of the clan, for the Clan, not for our own glory!

    Interested to join? Find us by searching for ‘unrestricted4’ (tag #22PVURJJV). In your join request, be sure to mention that you found us on the forum, please.

    Looking forward to welcome you in our midst!
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