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Thread: Requesting ability to view future upgrades in laboratory!

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    Requesting ability to view future upgrades in laboratory!

    I'm a brand new poster. Sorry if this has been requested before, but alas, I had a simple idea!

    The builder base laboratory, a simplified (in my opinion) version of viewing upgrades for troops, is very handy for anyone to view future upgrades. If say, your laboratory is level 8, and you have a maxed out baby dragon( lvl 16 ) the unit frame is greyed out. But a player can still click the portrait and see future upgrades. This feature is nice, and all I'm curious about requesting, is the ability to do just that and view future upgrades (and costs) in the main base laboratory. Instead of having to browse forums. This is kindly requested as part of helping out a newer player that is learning the ropes. My idea is due in part of recently bringing my brother to the game!
    Thanks for reading my first post. I hope I did not steal anyone elses' idea.

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    Research potion only reduces time by 9 hrs effectively
    Instead it can be used to reduce the time by division factor
    For example if u are upgrading something which takes 10 days for upgradation then if we use research potion i.e. 10 then it should reduce time to 1 day to complete the upgradation

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    Thank you for your input, but the research potion has nothing to do with what I'm talking about.

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    So you could scroll future upgrades just like in builder base?
    That would be nice.

    Finland ->

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    That's exactly what feature would be cool and convenient to implement!

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