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Thread: New Building / Advanced Lab

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    New Building / Advanced Lab

    For a long time I was thinking about new improvement systems for Clash of Clans, which in turn is a very old game.
    So I created something BIG that would dramatically change the gameplay, bringing new elements and fun to the game! Something that could come with maybe TH14 or TH15 in the future in a big UPDATE.


    It would be a laboratory with unique improvements for each type of troop.
    Update made similar to the common lab.
    There will be several different IMPROVEMENTS, and you can only activate ONE talent per troop. (Example: You will have several different talents for the Golem, and you can only use 1 at a time, and you can switch whenever you want)
    Similar to Brawl Stars' Star Power system.

    TALENTS (examples of some)

    1. Avoid pitfalls. (as it once was)
    2. Increased healing range.
    3. Increased healing area.

    1. Damage after destruction increased on walls.
    2. Resistance against dispersers. (make them heavier, slightly reducing the effect of the spreaders on them)

    1. Increases the amount of Golemites created.
    2. After being destroyed, causes earthquake spell effect on area.

    1. Decreased housing space.
    2. Immunity to "Spring Trap".

    1. Increases movement speed.
    2. Stronger first punch. (similar to builder's village, but less efficient)

    1. First seconds in fury. (similar to builder's village, but less efficient)

    1. Increases range.
    2. Invisible in the first few seconds. (similar to builder's village, but less efficient)

    1. Increased resource damage multiplier.

    Electro Dragon:
    1. Increases the number of attack jumps.
    2. Increases the range and damage of lightning over death.
    3. Decreased attack time / loading.

    1. Regenerate a tiny amount of life while traveling on earth.

    1. After being destroyed, generates skeletons.
    2. Land troops that have died within Witch's reach become skeletons. (having a limit per witch)

    - These were some examples of troop improvements.
    - Remembering that only one can be used by each troop, and can change at any time.


    Troops in the clan castle will not benefit from these talents.
    Some talents require a specific troop level to upgrade.

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    hahaha ! nice thought but to do this they may have to make coc version 2 This is way too complicated !

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    I like very much

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