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Thread: Is there a definitive guide to recruiting 2020

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    Is there a definitive guide to recruiting 2020

    There’s so many threads regarding recruiting frankly I don’t have the time to read them all. So I was hoping to utilise the collective knowledge of the wise and wonderful clashers in forums now the dust has settled after the new recruiting tools after taking away global chat. (I get why, that was toxic who knew there was so much racism sexism and xenophobia in the world).
    so my fellow clashers I call apron your Hands on knowledge and guidance, what is the best way to recruit new clan members including third-party apps such as discord readitt etc. What is a truly working.?

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    I’ve gotten quite used to the recruit tool in game. It’s actually really good.

    I use one filter at a time and scroll through every one. The filters on the far right are where you’ll get the most luck inviting people where their mailbox is not full. But even when I click on the likes of the ‘Clan Wars’ and ‘CWL’ filter, I can still find a reasonable amount of people to invite.

    The first thing that pops up is their name, never has someone’s in game name been more important! You can usually judge whether you want them in your clan by their name. If you’re only looking for English speakers, then you can usually tell. If you’re only looking for adults, again, you can usually tell.

    Their town hall pops up as well, so if you’re only looking for town halls above a certain level. Bingo!

    The most important thing I do is see how many attacks they’ve used this season. If it’s below around 10 towards the end of the season, I won’t invite them, they’re too inactive.

    There’s many indicators on people’s clash profiles now to be able to know whether they’ll fit into your clan or not.

    I obviously use this forum! Make a thread in ‘Looking for Clanmates’, I’ve got a handful of people from this forum who are excellent in my clan.

    Then there’s other ways as well. Reddit seems to be a good recruitment place, I’ve never used it, I ought to. I imagine Twitter is a good place as well, I follow COC on twitter and they always get so many active replies.

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    From the Forums on this Website

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karmanator View Post
    I’ve gotten quite used to the recruit tool in game. It’s actually really good.
    If there is will there is a way. Your post is the most positive I've seen on the recruitment tool. Seems you have a system and you put in the time and effort, well done!. Many people still miss that instant gratification of finding someone on global and having them join up on the spot.

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    Since global is gone, clan hopping. Bounce around to a few clans, make some friends and invite them back. Find some dead clans with a few active members, recruit them. Eventually you will fill your friends list and not need to recruit anymore. Build a line community to keep everyone organized and active. Best recruitment are friends of friends. Get a solid network and you will never need to use the recruitment tool ever again!

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