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Thread: Challenges outside of season pass

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    Challenges outside of season pass

    >I would like to see a daily log in reward added
    >Daily challenges to reward any loot type
    >weekly challenges that are accumulated from daily's + several of thier own that reward loot and or gems
    > monthly challenges added from weekly n daily and alot of thier own that reward gems loot books or runes
    > Supercell could charge real money for a xp booster or something to double the amount of said challenges n reward x2 or something
    > arena that consists of th lvl or even leagues each battle earns a tier or medals this in return adds up over time that will have rewards of thier own could have f2p arenas n a monthly subscription for players that wanna purchase for even better rewards
    > tournaments every day or week clan and solo
    > thank you for your time

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    I feel like this would encourage end game players to keep playing as well as new players and would give people more motivation to play everyday for longer times
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    Login rewards are counterintuitive to your argument that it "would give people more motivation to play everyday for longer times". The exact opposite would happen. Daily rewards would encourage you to open the game, but not to actually play the game. It promotes passive gameplay by just incentivizing logging in, grabbing your reward, then logging off. We already get enough freebies as it is. We don't need another one, especially if it promotes passive gameplay.

    Daily/weekly/monthly challenges are already in the game. You get daily season pass challenges, weekly season pass challenges, and monthly clan games and CWL. All of the above give all the rewards you are requesting. Essentially you're just asking for double the rewards we already get, so once again I say that we already have so many freebies in this game that we don't need more.

    XP plays no factor on anything in this game, so why on Earth would paying real money for an XP boost be needed? That's literally throwing money away.

    As for arenas and tournaments, you can go play Clash Royale if you want those features. Clash of Clans does not need it as it will overcomplicate the game. We already have clan games, clan wars, CWL, builder base, season pass, as well as seasonal events. Is that not enough variety of content? There is such a thing as too much content.

    It should be noted that supercell recognized that players were progressing too quickly and thus they put restrictions in place to prevent that, including increasing the CWL medal price of builder potions and putting a 1 week cooldown on all hammers. That should be a clear indication that they don't want to add more ways to make this game any faster than it already is. I seriously doubt any of your suggestions will come to fruition. Maybe they'll add something like tournaments or arenas for builder base, but rest assured that they won't add the extra rewards you're requesting. This game has never been easier to progress than it is now, and as such there's just no way supercell would take steps to make it even easier.

    You also have to consider that supercell is a business that needs to make money to survive. If they add more magic items, loot, etc. for free then that's less money players will spend. That would kill their profits, and as a business you can guarantee they wouldn't make that mistake.
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    I've played for a couple years n I just see what all could be added yeah I love season pass I buy gold pass on multiple accounts but no I dont agree with your post you seem content I see clash of clans growing into something greater to much content how so I find myself maxing pass in just a few days maybe not the season bank but i want something more to do something to encourage f2p players and money spenders to enjoy n clash royale is no where near clash of clans as an arena I mean choose am army n see how far you can go edit n so on facing only your th lvl or just your league heck I'd pay for it if it had rewards that was worth purchasing I need n want more clash I dont expect it to make progression faster n no I dont want freebies if that's your perception I want more stuff to do that makes realistic sense n what's so bad about a daily log in I've seen alot of people raid request n log off either because they cant afford a pass or just not motivated to continue playing because pass is maxed yeah cwl n war is great but 1 to 2 attacks a day isnt enough for me I see a future bright n growth I dont want clash sitting idle when there's so much more could be put into the game and you have to balance f2p and money spenders n it could be done in the things I mentioned from the beginning I dont have to mention logistics they could figure that out

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