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    i dont ever have sound on my phone. including the ringer on. my watch give me the notifications i need and will vibrate slightly.

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    This thread
    I play muted

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    There are audible cues during battle that can be helpful at times, but it can get very busy with the constant weapons fire and battle grunts. Pekka deployment and death sounds are the best. Since switching to the Primal Warden skin, Iíve been missing the Party Wardenís constant chatter. I play with sound/music on almost all the time, but I lower the volume or mute when necessary.
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    I occasionally turn the sound on to hear new things. But I have play the game muted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjuice View Post
    this game has sound?

    That's my line ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjuice View Post
    this game has sound?
    Only for the first 30 seconds or so after installing on a new device.
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    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
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    Yes always with sound off... and I'm horrified if i open it up in a restaurant and all i hear is 'DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!!'

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    I dont even remember the sound effects and background music of coc I play muted since I started the game, I remember the first thing I do was muting when I downloaded the game lol

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    Am I alone on the play with volume side?

    I cannot have an attack, or at least an important one without sound. I have done it and I am so used to the sound effects that I always miss when the cc, Eagle, or Town Hall gets triggered and miss lots of time.

    It helps just too much not to use it:

    Can't quite see the cc troops going out, but hear the witch sound and summoning sfx and I know I gotta place my poison just right.

    Valkyrie's battle scream.

    Heard a Healer death sound and I know I have to already move to the next phase of the attack quicker if doing a QW.

    Can hear skeleton traps triggering and be careful with the rest of the troops.

    Can hear pekka laughing after a swing of her sword if everything is quiet.

    All troops are dead but battle isn't over, it helps my OCD when I hear a skeleton sound or an archers arrow going against a wall and I can find the troop to calm my mind.

    The clone spell sfx is quite satisfying.

    Edit: and more importantly, I can hear a single target Inferno ramping up the damage when I do a queen charge and I am doing something else and not directly looking at the queen.
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    6 years and have never done an attack with sound.

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