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    I usually play without sound to not disturb the people around me (on the train/bus/at home).

    I do switch it on for war attacks tho, just to make sure I hear the enemy cc being activated.

    I also switched it on to check the sound of the lunar obstacle but it is just the normal tree sound
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    Quote Originally Posted by bostone View Post
    Yes always with sound off... and I'm horrified if i open it up in a restaurant and all i hear is 'DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!!'
    Same here.

    The other reason I keep it muted is for times when I have my phone connected to bluetooth. For example, I'll be in my car listening to Spotify waiting for my kid's soccer practice to finish, and if I try to get in a raid, Clash overwhelms it. So, it remains muted, and I'm not disciplined enough to remember to enable/disable it for war/raids.

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    I keep it muted to increase the phone's battery backup

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    I always have the sound off. If they added an option to just have sound effects during attacks, I might try that. But the "bloop" for every single touch of the screen is too much.

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    I prefer playing clash without sound/music

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    at your base.
    Muted most times

    While pushing in Old LL system, had kept it ON, as search could take 15 minutes to 15 hours lol
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    I muted the game since I started playing.

    Once or twice it was unmuted and the supercell start music freaked everyone out in the office and they started giving me looks. oh well. It was kinda embarrassing to say the least.
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    Always muted...I've never actually heard any of the sounds and I've been since 4 months after COC was released.

    I don't know how need it is now...but when DB bombs destroyed hogs (extra damage), they said the sound was super critical to getting a heal down in time. I could see it being helpful now knowing your Hero just used their ability...or if they were under attack from a single IT.

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    Muted unless doing a war attack. Listening for eagle artillery, single-target infernos charging intensity, defense CC.

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    Muted all the time...

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